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Drone Photography, App Development, & 3D Printing

Welcome to my nerd corner of development & creative services! For all pricing & booking inquiries about booking & pricing, please feel free to skip to the contact page and send an email. I guarantee a response within 24 hours.


Electronic Engineer, Drone Pilot, App Developer
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     Hello, I am Princton C. Brennan, a proud graduate of Florida A&M University, father, husband, & Engineer. I graduated in 2011 w/ a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology, and have worked in a multitude of industries: Environmental Research, Automotive, and Silicon Valley.

     Though I enjoy my career, it's not enough to feed my passion for engineering-nerd creativity. Over the years since graduating I have provided many technical services as a freelancer, but I do it in my own creative way that I feel expresses my personality & culture.   

Over the years I've considered focusing my services on one major interest, but instead I have decided to combine my interests and make my focus on one major need. Nerdboy_Q was birthed out of my desire to provide individuals & small businesses with means to express and/or promote their ideas through creating Mobile Apps, Aerial Photography, & 3D Printing.



All Services require a $50 deposit which goes towards the entire service charge


Real Estate [$100/hr]

For Real Estate Agents and Agencies: getting full shots of beautiful properties can be crucial to get that sell. Allow Nerdboy_Q to capture every acre you need to show the full beauty of your homes.


Sports Outings [$100/hr]

Drag Racing, Kids Little League Games, and Marathons are events that you don't want to miss a second of! So why should you? I'll capture those moments from the sky while you enjoy! 


Weddings [$100/hr]

Everyone wants their big day to be one they never forget, and why should you miss those stunning shots. Let us capture those amazing aerial sunsets as you and your love recite your vows! 

NOTE: Due to FAA regulations there are certain weather conditions, geographic locations, and/or scenarios in which Drone Pilots are prohibited from flying. Booking will be subject to these restrictions as per the latest FAA regulations published. 



All Services require a $150 deposit - or $150 for a simple demo app

NOTE: A simple Demo app will include 1 screen/view, an app icon of your choice, & access for testing up to 90 days. This demo will only be a simple view and will not include database access, payment features, bluetooth capabilities, or anything else beyond a simple view.

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3D Printing

All services require a $25 deposit, which will go towards the total service cost

     For a lot of us, we have millions of ideas about products or devices that we've been dreaming up for years. However, maintaining a 3D Printer can be a bit of hassle in addition to learning about different materials.

     No need to worry, as Nerdboy_Q is here to fill that void for you! With multiple functioning printers, I am capable of printing a variety of materials to meet your needs. You provide the design file(s) (.stl format) to prep and I'll get your dreams to you in no time. 

Resin Printing (production-level detail)

max print volume:

(shipping included)

FDM Printing (PLA, HTPLA, PETG, & TPU)

max print volume:

(shipping included)

NOTE: For larger prints, rates will increase.

Resin Printing

Extreme high detail for small figurines, jewelry, & game pieces

FDM Printing

Larger multiple part designs, props, and prototypes

Material Options

Capable of different material printing such as PLA, PETG, & TPU (no ABS)

Original Designs

If you're interested in any of my original designs, those can be ordered as well 



Do you have a business to promote, the next amazing game, or a tool that you'd love to have on your phone?

In most cases a website doesn't do your idea justice and you need a laptop to really use it effectively.

That's where mobile apps work best because we ALWAYS have our phones!  


Creating an app for iOS & Android can take months, and sometimes we have great ideas but may need help making it actually happen.

Please allow me to be YOUR DEVELOPER. Let me know your colors, layout, and the beautiful images you want to be shown and I will make it happen for you! 


In this digital world, we often are concerned if our ideas are protected and secure. I guarantee that all content, conversations, and code will remain between the client and I directly.

If an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is provided I will be more than happy to sign. Your ideas will ONLY be shared with whom you permit: Testers, Other Developers, Designers, etc.


For inquiries feel free to send me your questions here and I guarantee a response within 24hrs.

Sacramento, CA

Tel: 1-770-648-3602


Thanks for submitting!

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